I cook and organize your celebration with passion



my name is Mar Camporro and I am from Spain. I have been living in Germany for 5 years. Due to my job, I have lived in different countries but I've always travelled with my love for spanish food and its culture. After many years, while I've entertained the stomachs and souls of many spanish friends, and also foreigners, I came to the idea of bringing my passion for cooking a step further and offer myself as cook of spanish food.


My service includes not only the food but also a vision to the spanish culture through the different specialities/delicacies included (menu includes also a short explanation about the origin and history related to the dish) . Not only that but...are you interested about Spain and everything related to it? Then take the time to talk to me during the preparation of the menu, and to make all the related questions that you always wanted to ask about it.


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